Chef Bobby grew up in an Italian household in Metro Detroit. His earliest attempts at cooking were making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and handmade pasta from scratch. He spent weekends over at his Italian grandmothers house watching her prepare breads, pastas, canning her authentic organic tomato sauce. Eventually she gave her grandson the opportunity to learn and make the traditional foods that she brought with her from the old country.

As he grew older he found his other true love. “music”. Chef Bobby started playing the drums at age 10 and eventually would form his own bands all through high school and college. He eventually formed an outfit that toured and recorded a couple of albums. While on the road, Bobby started cooking for the band. He made sushi a lot, also called “Jedi Food”. The band seemed to like it and the journey combining his Motor City roots of Food and Music began.


He eventually stopped cooking for his bandmates and attended the highly esteemed California Culinary Academy where he graduated top of his class and with honors in 2005. Chef Bobby Hansen has over the years worked in the highly competitive kitchens of San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley. He also sojourned to Europe and South America where he worked in Chianti, Italy at the wine estate of Badia a Coltibuono and in Tours, France at Martin le Bleu and studied Peruvian Cuisine in Lima, Peru.

His passion for music however never waned as his journey took him to Music City USA, Nashville, Tennessee.  Chef Bobby has shaped his culinary philosophy into what he calls “Jedi Food”, which spotlights the simple and natural flavors of the ingredients and combines them in a unique synthesis using classic French, Italian and Southern techniques. Chef Bobby has  added his passion for healthy and delicious food by integrating the “uncooked” view into his cuisine.

The “Uncooked” method is simply preparing foods in the raw, without bringing the internal temperature above 119 degrees, without gluten or processed sugar. In this fashion the ingredients natural and clean flavors are showcased and enjoyed as nature intended. The Chef believes that food should not hide behind a bunch of fancy ingredients.

"Less is more. Simplicity is the key. Allow the food to shine through and be the star as nature intended. Honest, healthy and clean food is the best for our bodies and for the world. "
- chef bobby hansen

Chef Bobby believes that clean, organic food, never processed will always be the best choice. However, the top priority is to have fun in the kitchen. Bobby's food is approachable, colorful and whimsical .  Chef Bobby brings his love of music to his food and sometimes if you listen very hard, you can feel the beat in his cuisine

Matteo Capon


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